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Local Fish Markets

Luis Wijman
Kaya Gutu, Antriol
tel. 717-4537
turn left on the asphalt road, Kaya Karpitan, just south of Progresso supermarket in Antriol. Turn right on the second road on your right, Kaya Purunchi. Then take the second left, Kaya Gutu, it's the second house on the left hand side of the road. Usually lots of fish here.

Shahayra Trading
Kaya Dialma 6
tel. 790-4188
Heading north on the main road from town, turn right on Kaya P. N. Antonio Neuman...(You will see a sign here for Sea & Discover Marine Education Center). Take the first left, Kaya Dialma, it is the fourth house on the right.

Nilo and Luvia Josephia
Kaminda Lac 20
tel. 717-4849
The second to last house on the right on the road to Lac.

Jan and Yola Emerenciana
Kaya Falkon 19
tel. 717-4133
take Kaya Nikiboko Zuid south until you get to Kaya Andres A. Emerenciana (Giby's Terrace is on the corner). Go left on Kaya Andres A. Emerenciana, take the second road on your left, Kaya Kondor. Take the first left , Kaya Falkon, it's the second house on the right.

Nachi (Ronald) Nicolaas
Kaya Kiowa, North Salina
tel. 717-7862
heading north from town, take a right at the traffic circle onto Kaya Amsterdam. Follow this road all the way to the end. At the first 4 way intersection, go straight...this is Kaya Cacique. Make a right on Kaya Yuma, a dirt road (Antar Atman Bhavan is on the corner). Look straight ahead for a yellow house where the road ends.

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